Igniting the spark within our children and students

At each stage of a child’s life, even if that child’s potential seems lacking, it’s never lost. It might take time, but ultimately, each of us, at each stage in that child’s development, has the opportunity to detect the holy spark within—and to help unfold the miracle of that human being’s purpose on earth.

How do we gracefully weather this temporary ‘normal’?

Since it is neither possible nor a good idea to sanitize the world, our microcosms are our own responsibility. This has always been true. Spare yourself the unhealthy stress of worrying what others are doing. Focus on your personal efforts and thank Hashem in advance for continuing to keep you safe.

How COVID-19 helped me settle into myself and my community

By Mindy Rubenstein There's a Jewish saying: Meshane makom, meshane mazal. Which means, one who changes her location, changes her luck. After moving quite a few times -- in Maryland, Virginia, Georgia, and Florida -- I have learned that this applies not just to our physical place, but also to where we find ourselves mentally, … Continue reading How COVID-19 helped me settle into myself and my community