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Nishei Ora, Women of Light, includes personal and profound art and writing from Jewish women around the world, including Miami, Atlanta, Chicago, Philadelphia, Arizona, Los Angeles, Seattle, Hawaii, New Jersey, New York, Switzerland, and Israel. 

Some of us are baalei teshuva — women who grew up secular and returned to Torah Judaism. Some are gerim — Jews by choice. Some are Hassidic, Litvish, Modern Orthodox, Chabad, or new to uncovering the beauty of Judaism.

We span the vast spectrum of observance, and together we have created a beautiful, one-of-a-kind publication with meaningful, thought-provoking and inspiring content.

The ten editions of Nishei we have created so far are filled with stories of women working to create within themselves a home for Hashem, bringing holiness into the world.


Editorial Director and Founder Mindy Rubenstein, originally from the Tampa Bay area of Florida, lived in Georgia, Virginia, and Maryland, before coming back to the Sunshine State two years ago. She earned a bachelor’s in business and writing from the University of Florida, a master’s in journalism from the University of South Florida, and has worked as a journalist and editor for two decades, including for Chabad.org, the Atlanta Jewish Times, the Tampa Bay Times, and other publications. She founded Nishei Ora in 2015 in Atlanta while homeschooling her oldest daughter. Mindy and her husband have four children and live in South Florida.

Editor Carin M. Smilk has worked in Jewish journalism for the past 25 years in New York, Boston and Philadelphia. She has won more than a dozen awards from various national and Pennsylvania state media outlets, and has been active in women’s press associations at the national and state levels. The mother of four sons, she and her husband live in Bryn Mawr, Pa.

Contributing Editor Michele Asa, originally from South Africa, lives in the Toco Hills neighborhood of Atlanta. She works as a family nurse practitioner and is completing completed certification as a functional nutritionist practitioner. Michele leads the Atlanta chapter of OJNA (Orthodox Jewish Nurses Association) and serves as co-president of Atlanta Bikur Cholim. An avid reader, Michele and her husband, Rabbi Ariel Asa, have four children and multiple grandchildren.

Editorial Intern Anna Freiman was born and raised in Miami, Florida. She is a high school senior who is passionate about education, personal growth, and Torah values, and is looking to utilize this zeal in the near future as a professional writer.

Sima Morgan was born and bred in Brooklyn, NY. She still lives there now, with her husband and 2 little boys. These days, Sima specializes in designing multi-page projects such as catalogs, magazines and brochures. She is excited to be a part of Nishei Ora’s mission as their graphic designer.

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Tree of Life – Words of Torah and articles about Jewish holidays 

Connections – Practical and spiritual advice on marriage and parenting from certified relationship coaches and therapists 

Kosher Cooking – Tips and recipes from a registered and licensed dietician/nutritionist 

Home & Garden – Tips and ideas for growing food from a master horticulturist, as well as home-organization and time-management advice from a professional organizer 

Perspectives – Inspiring, real-life stories shared by women, from a kosher backpacker to corporate professional, as well as poetry and creative writing

Educational Insights – Out-of-the-box ideas and articles, including homeschool and Jewish educational insights from teachers and administrators 

Health & Healing – from chronic illness to alternative therapies, various women share their healing journeys. 

Creative Souls – Professional dancers, artists and musicians discuss and share their G-d-given talents and passions. 

Book Club – Reviews and recommendations on inspiring books for women who want to learn and grow in their Judaism 

Cover Art – The front and back covers of each edition spotlight the work of professional and up-and-coming female Jewish artists

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To submit an article, essay, poem, artwork or photography for potential publication online or in print, please email editor@nishei.org.

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